Story package analysis #1

I analyzed the Northerner’s multimedia package on “Campus grows, parking shrinks.

Personally, I did not find the overall package engaging in any way. I felt as though it was hard to scroll through and even more difficult to want to engage with the content. That being said, I focus on whether websites are aesthetically pleasing over the quality of the writing involved. If the site itself is not pleasing (including the graphics and videos involved), I cannot focus on the message of the website. There was nothing on this website that stood out to me or grabbed my attention.

I think the largest strength of this particular package was the way they chose to section the article. This allowed for the reader to go specifically to the section they wanted to view instead of having to read through the entire article. I believe that this package had more weaknesses overall as there were far more areas I would have chosen to change. The largest problem with this particular package was the overall aesthetics. The layout was poor, there were too many typefaces, and the colors did nothing to engage me. There was far too much white-space, making it the most primary feature on the page.

This package left me wanting more design wise. I believe the content they had was integrated the best way it could, considering everything else. That being said, I think there were more ways they could have integrated the graphs through a different layout.

If this package taught me anything, it furthered my belief in the importance of design within a package. If the basic design and style is not where it should be, it makes it gives the rest of the package a harder job in trying to engage its audience. With a solid design, it gives the elements of the package a place to shine and do their jobs properly, without having to work overtime to do the job of design as well.


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