Lede Exercise

Summary Ledes

1 – An oven caught fire on Sunday, Feb. 26, causing Oak Run 540 to be evacuated.
2 – The Bourbonnais Fire Department responded to an oven fire at Oak Run 540 on Feb. 26.
3 – Oak Run 540 was evacuated after an oven caught fire, causing the fire department to remove it from the building, on Feb. 26.
4 – On Feb. 26, Oak Run 540 was evacuated at 7:30 pm after an oven caught fire.
5 – Students call the fire department after an oven caught fire in Oak Run 540 on Feb. 26.
6 – After an attempt to heat up dinner, students were evacuated from Oak Run 540 on Feb. 26 due to an oven fire.

Blind – Bourbonnais Fire Department removes an oven from Oak Run 540.

Umbrella – The Bourbonnais Fire Department removed an oven from Oak Run 540 after a gyro caught fire.

ID of impact – Smoke damage, chemicals from a fire extinguisher, and a new oven are all thats left from an oven fire in Oak Run 540.

Anecdotal – The greek god of fire enjoyed a gyro in Oak Run 540, the apartments’ tenants, on the other hand, did not enjoying calling the fire department.

Descriptive – When it comes to cooking, it is always important to monitor what is happening inside. This is a lesson tenants of Oak Run 540 learned after a gyro caught fire in the oven and had the building evacuated. 

Quotation – “My roommate noticed that the smoke kept coming out and decided to look in the oven. She opened it up and saw that there were flames inside,” junior Hannah Francis said after a gyro she had placed in the oven caught fire on Feb. 26.


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