Mini MM story Reflection and Assessment

What did you learn from this assignment?

I learned a lot about campus safety, as well as what to do when it comes to the organization and communication surrounding the group multimedia project.

What went well?

I feel as though the initial planning stages went well and I am happy with our overall project. The discussions and brainstorming went well, and the compiling of information for the copy was a group effort.

What would you have done differently?

I wish our group had more initiative and had communicated better throughout. Because of a lack of “follow-through”, I ended up managing and completing a majority of the project. One of our group members stopped showing up, and the other two were unable to complete the one multimedia asset they had for this particular package. That being said, I think this project could have been much better if all members had put in the same amount of effort.

How will you take lessons learned and apply them to the next multimedia package?

I will put more effort in to getting other group members to pitch in. As a perfectionist, if someone does not do the work I will just cover for them because I do not want to fail due to their lack of participation. That being said, perhaps if I push people to get what they say they will do done, I won’t have to deal with the stress of covering for them.


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