Exercise 1:

For the NY Times article, “Bankers Call for Wider Measures to Stem Crisis,” the best graphic for this story would be an infographic with graphs to visualize the actual numbers that are being discussed. This strategy would be to help people understand the need for this and the arguments behind the numbers. For example –

Central banking System

As for the ABC News, “Heart Device Might be Useless for Women,” article, I would recommend using an infographic to demonstrate the differences between a heart attack in men versus women as well as the effect the device has. This would be to give a more visual look at the information, rather than leaving it in a strictly article format.


Exercise 2:

In 2016 the NY Times released a simulation to show every NFL teams’ “Path to the Playoffs.” This simulation allowed users to click on whichever team they wanted and see all the information they needed on how the team would get to the playoff. Overall, I think the attempt was good for the amount of information they had to deal with (in fact, they write that there is over 65,536 scenarios. Outcomes in green were beneficial to the team, outcomes in pink were detrimental. The graphic seems to have updated throughout the season as well. I think that this was a good demonstration and allowed people to have an interactive look at the season.

I do think, however, that overall the graphic was too busy. You had to know what you were looking for in order to use it and it takes a few minutes to realize that it actually is interactive.

For this particular data visualization, the entire story becomes one long data visualization. It tells the story of how a data breach occurs, divided into specific sections and interactive portions. It is a single-scroll page that visually breaks down the information. Overall, I lost interest very quickly as it was far too long and arduous to scroll through and read all the information.

Finally, the DailyMail published an instructive infographic on how to beat jet lag. I personally like the design of this specific infographic as it is designed fairly well. It flows nicely and has a very specific path that you can follow. My biggest issue is there are far too many words. This makes it difficult to read as your eyes are naturally drawn to the graphics over the words.


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